ROUND-UP: Senior hockey teams extend winning streak to four weekends

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The winning streak continues for Hautapu Sports’ senior men’s and women’s hockey teams.

Both teams got off to winning starts for the month of May, with wins at the Gallagher Hockey Centre on Sunday May 5, 2024.

Both teams have collected wins for four weekends in a row.

In the men’s competition, Hautapu beat Concept Joinery Old Boys 2-0 to hold their third place on the competition table.

The women’s team beat Culswick Wanderers 1-0.


Games played on Sunday May 5, 2024

Men’s Reserve 3

Hautapu Sports 2 (Mike Fredrickson, Thomas Pettigrew)
Concept Joinery Old Boys 0

Hautapu squad

Aidan Boswell, Mike Briggs, Cohen Burkhart, Hayden Chittenden, Alan Dale, Aaron Donnelly, Michael Fredrickson, Pieter Holtzhausen, James Macdiarmid, Thomas Pettigrew, Daniel Ross, Gregory Sommerville, Eli Swanepoel, Kees Tamboer, Chris Turner.

Women’s reserve 3

Hautapu Sports 1 (Reggina Petroni)
Culswick Wanderers 0

Hauapu squad

Ayla Montgomerie, Victoria Bunce, Ahumaia Aramoana-Arlidge, Charne Moss, Maria Candela, Adel Holtzhausen, Jacqui Horrocks, Reggina Petroni, Simoné Van Der Merwe, Bianka Ross, Chanel Myburgh, Scarlett Brooker, Teresa Moore, Rachel Mudge, Stephanie Barr, Tayla Fredrickson.


Games to be played on Sunday May 12, 2024

Men’s reserve 3

Fixture still to be confirmed

Women’s reserve 3

Fixture still to be confirmed

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