Weekly round-up: Hawks reach grand final of netball’s Premier Reserve comp

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The Hautapu Hawks have reached the grand final of the Cambridge Netball Centre’s Premier Reserve competition.

They beat Cambridge Harlequins 49-40 in their semi-final and will face Leamington in the grand final.

In the A-Grade semi-finals, Hautapu Goal Diggers were beaten 30-18 by Cambridge High School (Tawa), while Hautapu Hot Shots clinched fifth place in the grade with a 19-8 victory against Hautapu Eclipse.

Here are results for games played in the week ending August 26, 2023:


Games played on Saturday August 26, 2023

Premier Reserve (semi-finals)

Hautapu Hawks 49
Cambridge Harlequins 40

Leamington Prem Res 42
TVP Jalapeno Hotties 40

*Leamington Prem Res to play Hautapu Hawks in the final

Play-off for 5th-6th

TVP Phoenix 57
Hautapu Development 31


A Grade (semi-finals)

CHS – Tawa 30
Hautapu Goal Diggers 18

Play-off for 5th-6th

Hautapu Hot Shots 19
Hautapu Eclipse 8


Photo gallery

Here’s some of the court action from Saturday:

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