Weekly round-up: Here’s our update on Hautapu’s senior netball teams

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Here’s our latest round-up of results and competition standings for the nine senior netball teams playing for Hautapu Sports Club this year.

These cover results for games played in the week ending July 22, 2023:


Games played on Monday July 17, 2023

Mixed Premier (Section A)

Hautapu Hornets 32
St Peter’s 91

Hautapu Hustlers 7
TVP Raiders 80

Games played on Wednesday July 19, 2023

Premier Ladies (Section A)

Hautapu Red 59
St Peter’s 32

Hautapu White 29
Leamington Prems 85

Games played on Saturday July 22, 2023

Premier Reserve (Section A)

Hautapu Hawks 51
TVP Phoenix 36

Hautapu Development 19
Leamington Prem Reserves 52

A Grade (Championship)

Hautapu Goal Diggers 19
Leamington Social 24

Hautapu Hot Shots 13
CHS Kawakawa Senior 33

Hautapu Eclipse 21
Cambridge Harlequins 12

Photo gallery

Here’s netball action from the last week of matches:

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