Team Atawhai do Hautapu Sports proud at Tauranga netball tournament

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Hautapu Sports’ Atawhai netball team have won the Year 6A section at this year’s Tauranga Netball Centre tournament.

This team of Future Ferns, all aged 10-11, did their red and white club proud, winning all five of their tournament games on July 31.

Facing some tough competition from teams from around the Bay of Plenty, and braving rain, wind and hail on the courts, they played five 24-minute matches.


Hautapu 4 – 2 Malfroy Rotorua
Hautapu 14 – 1 Mount Heat
Hautapu 12 – 8 Arataki Firebirds
Hautapu 5 – 2 St Marys Magic
Hautapu 8 – 6 Matua Blue Ferns

The team

Team Atawhai: Leah Anderson, Annabelle Foy, Alexia Gurney, Hollie McIntyre, Mary Nguyen, Emily Niemand, Hayley Niemand and Poppy Smythe.

Coach Jody Anderson (Bear), past Hautapu Premier Netball player, says: “The smiles, the fun, the passion, the skill, the ability and sportsmanship that this group of young netballers show both on and off the court along with their willingness to learn are all attributes that these girls should all be proud of.”

The girls played incredible netball throughout the day. Their attitudes, skill level, and sportsmanship have been amazing to date. They play every game with determination, pride, belief and passion.

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