Colts showcase — more successful teams from our club’s past

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By Ryan Yelavich

As Saturday’s Waikato U-21s final between Hautapu Sports’ Colts and Marist approaches, we highlight some more successful Colts teams from our club’s history.

In our first review, we looked at some of our Colts teams that made it to the finals — click here to see >>>>

In this feature, we showcase some Championship winning teams from 1997, 1994 and 1986.

For those wondering why the Elliot Shield (the trophy we play for this weekend) isn’t in any of the photos, it’s because until about 20 years ago, the Shield was only awarded to the top Hamilton team, not the winner of the overall competition like it is today.

Many well-known players in these teams went on to play many games across all levels for the club over the years.


The final of the Elliot Shield between Hamilton Marist and Hautapu Sports will be played at Marist Park, Hamilton, at 1pm on Saturday August 13, 2022.

Colts from the past

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