ROUND-UP: Hautapu women win 7-1 in live-streamed senior hockey match

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Hautapu Sports’ women’s team have recorded their biggest win so far this season with a 7-1 win against Varsity Chicks.

Playing at the Gallagher Hockey Centre, the women pulled clear to win the match which was live-streamed by

You can watch a full replay of the match here:

The Hautapu men’s team were beaten 3-1 by Suburbs.


Games played on Sunday June 16, 2024

Women’s reserve 3

Hautapu Sports 7
Varsity Chicks 1 

Hauapu squad

Victoria Bunce, Ahumaia Aramoana-Arlidge, Charne Moss, Marisan Lewis, Tayla Fredrickson, Jacqui Horrocks, Reggina Petroni (captain), Bianka Ross, Emma Zame, Chanel Myburgh, Scarlett Brooker, Rachel Mudge, Stephanie Barr, Tayla Fredrickson, Niamh Stewart, Cassandra Thompson.

Men’s Reserve 4

Suburbs 3 (Francis Lawrence, Daniel Shepherd, Joseph Bradly-Arthur)
Hautapu Sports (Mike Frederickson)

Hautapu squad

Aidan Boswell, Mike Briggs, Hayden Chittenden, Logan Chittenden, Aaron Donnelly, Michael Fredrickson, Pieter Holtzhausen, Finn Krauer, James Macdiarmid, Thomas Pettigrew, Daniel Ross, Gregory Sommerville, Kees Tamboer, Chris Turner, Matthew Van der Merwe.


Games to be played on Sunday June 23, 2024

Women’s reserve 3

Suburbs Strikers v Hautapu Sports
Gallagher Hockey Centre, Lugtons Turf 2, 9am

Men’s reserve 4

Suburbs v Hautapua Sports 
Gallagher Hockey Centre, Lugtons Turf 2, 10.20am

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