How you can join our next generation of junior netball umpires

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By Jody Anderson

Junior netball provides opportunities for volunteers to become involved at various levels.

Netball relies on volunteers to enable our netballers to play the game and have a quality netball experience.

The number of volunteers and their level of ability directly impacts that experience, making them an essential link to the growth of netball.

Umpires are a vital component of the game of netball, ensuring that the rules of netball are applied fairly and consistently.

Quality umpiring can create a positive experience for teams on the court and help develop an awareness of the boundaries that the rules of the game create for us.

At Hautapu Sports, it’s humbling to see the next generation of umpires taking to the courts every week with their whistles.

Main photo: Ruby Chambers, Keeley Butler and Maisey Butler.

Our next generation of volunteer umpires

The following Year 7 and 8 netballers not only wear the Hautapu colours each week on court for their teams, but they swap them for their umpiring whites and volunteer their time to give back to the sport.

Abby Boyte
Alexia Gurney
Amelia Jamieson
Anna Spence
Bethany Hopkins
Elliot Kirby-McLeod
Georgia Faville
Isla Pollock
Isla Murdoch
Karmen Harris-McBeth
Keely Butler
Maisey Butler
Mary Nguyen
Millar Wallace
Molly Maher
Poppy Smythe
Ruby Pheiffer
Ruby Chambers
Ruby Mckinnon
Taya Truscott
Anna Spence.
Karman Harris-McBeth.
Amelia Jamieson.
Poppy Smythe.
Isla Pollock.
Alexia Gurney.
Bethany Hopkins.

A special mention also to two of our local Cambridge High School students, Annabel Goodrich and Emma Adam, who this year have taken on the respective roles of team umpires for our Hautapu Year 7A and 8A teams travelling to Hamilton each week.

‘It’s my opportunity to give back’

When I ask this amazing group of volunteer umpires the reason why they chose to volunteer and become an umpire, the answers are endless:

  • ‘It’s my opportunity to give back.’
  • ‘I get to gain new skills.’
  • ‘I’m passionate about netball.’
  • ‘I get to make a difference.’
  • ‘For the enjoyment.’
  • ‘For the social connections.’
  • ‘I get to gain and share knowledge.’

Would you like to be a part of this?

Can you help us continue the successful delivery of junior netball, helping to develop a lifelong love of the game?

Have you ever considered picking up a whistle and becoming an umpire?

As an umpire, you have the best seat in the house at every game!

It’s a great way for players and coaches to increase their rule knowledge; plus, for those that have hung up their bib, why not pick up a whistle — it’s a great way to stay involved!

To get started, all you need to bring is a bit of enthusiasm and a passion for the game — we’ll take care of the rest and give you the tools and support you need to become an umpire.

Jody Anderson

Jody Anderson is the Director of Junior Netball at Hautapu Sports Club.

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