The Hautapu Hawks, we salute you for your support as volunteers!

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By Jody Anderson

The Hautapu Hawks are not just netballers — they are the volunteers who are the heart of our sport, and of our club.

As well as enjoying playing senior netball for Hautapu, the Hawks make it possible for many of our youngest players to enjoy the game too.

Main photo: The Hautapu Hawks … much more than a netball team.

Volunteers are a valuable resource for sports teams and clubs, and in many cases, their involvement can ensure the survival of a club or team.

That is very much the case here at Hautapu Sports.

Without our volunteers, there wouldn’t be a game.

Volunteers help make sports happen!

The time and energy that our volunteers give make a significant difference in our club and community.

That’s whether you contribute as a coach or manager, umpire, bench official, support role, co-ordinator or simply say: “I’m here to help if you need me.”

We salute the Hautapu Hawks, and thank them for all they do at Hautapu Sports Club.

The Hautapu Hawks

Rachel Goodrich

  • Umpire for our Hautapu Year 7 and 8 Netball Trials 2023
  • Coach Cambridge High School Tawa – A Grade

Joelle Manderson

  • Coach Hautapu Eclipse – A Grade
  • Manager Hautapu Kakariki – Year 1
  • Hautapu Junior Netball Year 1-2 Lead

Laura Hocking       

  • Coach Hautapu Kakariki – Year 1

Vanessa Collins

  • Coach Hautapu Nikau – Year 2
  • Coach Hautapu Pateke – Year 5
  • Coach Hautapu Marama – Year 7

Amy Banks

  • Coach Hautapu White – Premier Grade
  • Coach Hautapu Tangaroa – Year 8
  • Manager Hautapu Hustlers – Mixed Premier
  • Member of the Hautapu Senior Netball Steering Group

Sonya Walker   

  • Coach Hautapu Development – Premier Reserve Grade
  • Member of the Hautapu Senior Netball Steering Group

Nadia Dixon     

  • Manager Cambridge High School Tawa – A Grade

Jess Yerkovich

  • Manager Hautapu Hawks – Premier Reserve
  • Coach Hautapu Ngaio – Year 4
  • Hautapu Junior Netball Year 3-4 Lead
  • Vanessa McPherson – Manager Cambridge High School Kohuhu – A2 Grade

Haylee Balzer

Debby Thomas

Natalie Clarke

Hayley Garvan

Amanda Kerley

Photo gallery

These are the teams the Hawks help get onto the courts every week:

Jody Anderson

Jody Anderson is the Director of Junior Netball at Hautapu Sports Club.

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