Prem teams head to Otorohanga while Colts provide action at Memorial Park

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Hautapu Sports’ Premier teams head to Otorohanga this weekend while the Colts will provide entertainment for home supporters at Memorial Park.

The Premier A side meet Otorohanga at 2.45pm in Hautapu’s second match of the Premiership phase of the Waikato Premier A competition.

The Devlopment squad play Otorohanga in the early game, starting at 1pm.

Meanwhile, Hautapu’s Colts aim to regain winning form when they host Southern United at Memorial Park, at 1pm.

Hautapu lost their unbeaten record in a close match with Hamilton Old Boys last week and they’ll be keen to resume their winning ways.

Here’s Saturday’s schedule:


Games to be played on Saturday June 17, 2023

Premier A

Otorohanga Sports v Hautapu Sports
Inland Reserve, Otorohanga, 2.45pm

Hautapu A

Premier B

Premier B

Otorohanga Sports v Hautapu Sports
Inland Reserve, Otorohanga, 1pm

How to support the Premier teams

Here’s how to find the Otorohanga Sports Club and their grounds:


Hautapu Sports v Southern United
Memorial Park, Cambridge, 1pm


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