Photo gallery: Club’s two women’s netball sides meet in Premier competition

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By Amy Banks

After three years with only one Premier-level netball team, Hautapu Sports Club now has two women’s teams in the Wednesday night Premier Competition.

The decision to enter two teams followed the high number of talented and skilled netballers competing for a spot in the Premier team this year.

On Wednesday (May 24), the club’s two sides met each other at St Peter’s, Cambridge.

The Prem Red took the win but it did not come easy, as Prem White, a new developing team this year, really fought hard for contention.

Premier Red is Hautapu’s top club team, with the new Premier White full of promise and improving week-on-week and Wednesday night was no different.

Both teams played hard but fair. Both team’s centres led the charge, with Courtney Smith from Prem Red and Kascell Hooper from Prem White really driving their team’s pace and each other’s game.

The fitness of the two teams was high, with the result being a fast game.

Points started out with a close first quarter, but the second and third quarters saw Prem Red capitalise on their turnovers, putting distance on the board.

The points in the final quarter were close again, with Molly Simes playing a magnificent GK against a skilled shooting circle of Katy Cooper and Amber Coates, getting Player of the Match for Prem White.

The final score was 71-32 to Prem Red, though the pace and momentum of the game felt like the scoreboard should have been a lot closer.

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