Lest we forget: How Memorial Park keeps alive the memories of those who fell

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Memorial Park will host more than two games of rugby when Hautapu Sports meet United Matamata Sports this weekend.

With the observation of ANZAC Day on Tuesday April 25, our Saturday matches will also play a part in remembering those in our community who made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives at war.

Memorial Park holds a special place in our community for ensuring we never forget those young men who gave their lives.

On ANZAC Day 1952, special gates were unveiled at Memorial Park bearing the inscription:

This gateway and these playing fields are dedicated as a memorial to the young men of the district who lost their lives in the 1939-45 war.

The gates display a roll of honour, listing the names of those lost.

Lest we forget

Anderson, E.A
Baird, H
Beer, T. J
Bellamy, H
Borrell, C.J
Borovich, J
Brodersen, C
Brown, Y
Brunskill, B.S
Burns, A
Butler, A
Buttimore L. N
Byrne, M
Chamberlain, L
Clayton, A.N
Clifford, D. J
Cooper, F
Cuthbert, R. W
Dench, J. A
Dillon, M.F
Doel, A
East, J
East, V
Edwards, F
Edwards, P.C
Feisst, A.C
Fell, A.W
Fell, M.C
Ferguson, T.M

Gear, R
Gooding, R
Hague, E
Hall, F
Hamerton, L. F
Harris, J. R
Harsant, M
Harvie, J.A
Heke, J
Hewett, W. U
Honan, J. B
Hook, F
James, I
Jones, F
Jones, R
Kelly, C.L
Kerry, H. F
Keyte, E. C
Law, D.N
Lord, M
McKinnon, A
McNamara, B.P
McNeil, R
Mavitty, W.J.L
Mahood, T. S
Major, C
Marx, R
Marychurch, D. S
Meredith, J. L

Middlemiss, S. J
Pearson, W
Pentelow, P. J
Randle, P. J
Rowlands, W
Russell, D
Rye, S. J
Sampson, H
Sampson, R.W
Sawers, D. C
Sawers, T. C
Scott, H. F
Sefton, P.E
Shaw, A
Shaw, R.H
Snelling, I
Speake, H
Stuart, J. W
Sturgeon, R. G
Suckling, O. W
Taylor, D. C. L
Taylor, J
Telfer, W
Thorn, J.S
Trubshaw, A.J
Turei, W.T
Turtill, A.C
Wood, W
Yeoman, L

‘They gave the last full measure of devotion’

— inscription on gates to Memorial Park, Cambridge.