To the mothers who help to keep our club together, we thank you …

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Hautapu Sports Club would like to wish the happiest of Mother’s Days to all the mothers and mother figures in our lives.

Mothers give so much of themselves over the years to their kids, and we want to celebrate them.

Within our club, we have a few senior members who have little ones who now play for the club and we felt we should highlight some of them.

Amy Purchase, and Chelsea, Bridget and Hamish

Amy Purchase has been a part of the club for more than 15 years and is on the Executive Committee as the Director of Netball.

She has coached a number of our teams and is currently co-captain in the Property Brokers Hautapu Premier Rampage Mixed Netball Team.

She has three little ones who each play two codes for the club, meaning six teams for the youngsters.

Amy is so excited to see her little ones out in the mighty red and whites and her children love being a part of ‘Hautapu Netball Club’.

Chelsea, Bridget and Hamish with mum Amy Purchase.

Rebecca and Charli Greenhalgh and Bridget Hales

Rebecca Greenhalgh is the Property Brokers Premier Netball Team Coach for the 2022 season and is closely supported by her mother, Bridget Hales, as manager.

Rebecca has played for the club for a number of years and is also giving back by coaching (for the second year) her daughter Charli’s netball team.

We love the family environment within the club and are honoured to have three generations being involved in red and white.

Rebecca Greenhalgh (left), Charli Greenhalgh and Bridget Hales.

Haylee and Mia Balzer

Haylee Balzer has played netball for Hautapu Sports for a number of years. Haylee is currently the co-captain of the Property Brokers Hautapu Rampage Mixed Netball Team.

On Saturday mornings, Haylee can be found on the sidelines of the rugby field managing her daughter, Mia’s rugby team.

Mia is a passionate rugby player and cannot be convinced to sideline the rugby boots for a pair of sneakers and a netball court.

Mia Balzer (left) and Haylee Balzer.

Karyn and Brittany Powell

Brittany and Karyn Powell.

Karyn and Brittany Powell are another mother-daughter duo within the club.

Both Karyn and Brittany have been with the club and Karyn has managed our Property Brokers Hautapu Development for a number of years.

As you can tell, Karyn and Brittany are a fun-loving family who embody the enjoyment of the club culture.

Joelle and Donna Manderson

Joelle and Donna Manderson are never far from Hautapu Sports Club.

Joelle co-coaches her daughter Tayler’s netball team and is a member of the Property Brokers Hautapu Hawks netball team.

For many years, Donna was the coach and strong defensive player in our Onyx Hautapu Rovers team.

When Donna is in Cambridge she is always on a sideline either at the netball courts or at Memorial Park supporting our senior rugby boys.

Joelle and Donna Manderson.

Jess and Isy Yerkovich

Jess and Isy Yerkovich.

Jess and Isy Yerkovich are yet another mother and daughter combination.

Jess has played in the Property Brokers Hautapu Hawks netball team for a number of years and when she was out with injury took on the role of coach/manager for the team.

This year Jess has taken on the role of coach for Isy’s netball team at Hautapu Sports as Isy wanted to play for ‘mum’s club’.

We loved seeing Isy and her new team in action on Saturday morning.

Laura and Madison Hocking

Laura and Madison Hocking are excited to both be playing for Hautapu Sports this season.

Laura has played for the club on and off for over 15 years and now Madison is old enough to wear the colours.

Laura first played for the club in our Onyx Hautapu Premier netball team and now enjoys playing alongside her friends in the Property Brokers Hautapu Hawks team.

Laura continues to give back as many of our club mothers are doing by co-coaching Madison’s netball team in 2022.

Madison and Laura Hocking.

Vanessa Collins, and Lucy, Rylee and Charlee

Vanessa Collins is a busy mother of three who has played for Property Brokers Hautapu Hawks for a number of years.

Vanessa has also kept herself busy coaching her daughter’s Lucy, Rylee and Charlee’s teams over the years.

This year, two of them are lucky to have their mum as their coach.

Rylee, Charlee and Lucy with mum Vanessa Collins.

We want to thank all of the women of influence in our lives.

Those who stand in the cold at training, ferry us from one activity to the next, for washing the stains out of our uniforms and helping us find the missing socks so we are prepared for our games.

Thank you for your continued support as you coach and manage teams.

Ko tou kahuwai a-rangi hei whakaruruhau,
ko koe hoki te hua o te kakano i whakatohia.
Your mother’s positive caring influences provide shelter for you, the sacred seed that was nurtured within her.
Maori Whakatauki

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