Here’s your chance to get HIRT — and feel much better for it!

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Hautapu Sports Club members can benefit from special deals offered by our new neighbours, the HIRT Locker.

You may have noticed the arrival of the HIRT team beside our clubrooms at 211 Victoria St, Cambridge.

H.I.R.T stands for: High Intensity Resistance Training.

Their approach is simple: keep the gear indoors and the HIRT outdoors.

Their team brings a fresh new vibe to the community that includes strength and endurance-based training that tests you physically and mentally.

Their community training hub is inclusive and welcomes people wanting to show up and show out one HIRT session at a time.

Hautapu Sports players/staff benefits

  • Discounted membership $22.50pw
  • Unlimited classes
  • Free entry to future workshops / challenges
  • Access to locker during off-peak/free time for personal use
  • Members discounts with supplements, eateries and cafes etc. (to be announced soon)
  • Social events

During the season, HIRT locker will be available to Hautapu Sports teams for use between 6pm – 7.30pm on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

This could be for rehab sessions or an organised team session which will be free of charge for all players.

Purpose of HIRT Locker

Self-care should be a priority and is an opportunity to invest back into our mental and physical well being.

With the right mindset and environment, HIRT sessions will challenge you, motivate you and push you to celebrate the small wins one HIRT session at a time.

With the guidance of our HIRT trainers, you’re guaranteed to maximise and capitalise every second of our 45-minute High-Intensity Resistance Training sessions and leave HIRT Locker feeling breathless but with a sense of achievement of putting in the hard work.

The Glofox app is where you can find HIRT Locker if you are looking to sign up or purchase our membership offers.

The HIRT Locker team want to build a HIRT Locker community and that’s what Hautapu Sports prides itself on.In turn, they want to provide a service that serves that purpose with fitness and health bringing us together.

More information

For more information, contact Will and Jono through the HIRT Locker Instagram>>>>

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